8 SEPT – 8 OCT

Step into Timeless Treasures, a group show that weaves together the threads of creativity and skilful workmanship. 

This exhibition goes beyond our usual focus on graphic design, showcasing the skills of four artists, each with their unique approach.

Within these walls, you’ll find artworks that are timeless, carefully created with great skill and dedication.

Timeless Treasures is a tribute to the art of crafting unique and lasting pieces.

Art van Triest

Art van Triest’s works are visual investigations that explore how his frames connect to the real world around us. His installations provide a visual balance that counters the simplification and sameness we often see in our surroundings and thoughts.

Yuri van Poppel

Yuri van Poppel breaks the boundaries of traditional graffiti with his glazed graffiti technique: impossible to erase and never fading away. Yuri creates ceramic objects that serve as his canvas, applying ceramic glaze, while preserving the raw and rudimentary lines he loves most.

Kirsten Spuijbroek

Kirsten Spuijbroek is an observer by nature and is endlessly curious about intense human emotions. Her fascination with the human psyche and technical insight create a relentless focus in her porcelain work, revealing interesting structures and processes.


Thijs Kelder 

Thijs Kelder of Studio Ruwedata boasts a signature style that resonates with pop-art, iconography, and powerful imagery. In this exhibition, he unveils an array of stained glass sculptures.


You are kindly invited for the official opening of ‘TIMELESS TREASURES’. A group show by Thijs Kelder, Art van Triest, Yuri van Poppel, Kirsten Spuijbroek.

Friday 8 Sept 2023, 19:00
Kelderman en van Noort / KEVN.

Kelderman en van Noort / KEVN.
Galileistraat 2. Eindhoven NL