SEE:SUN Collective

Collective & publisher

13 maart – 1 mei 2022

We are an illustration collective & publisher based in the Netherlands. SEE:SUN consists of 5 Dutch and 2 Korean artists with different illustration styles, aiming to create new artworks together from murals to riso prints. 

Levi Jacobs, Draw Soso, Sona Lee, Ming sin ho, Kidkura, Lize Prins

Levi Jacobs

Levi Jacobs’s style is eye-catching, especially his use of colours and textures which have a refreshing escapist quality. In the end, his ability to convey ideas in fresh and interesting ways makes his work so effective.

Draw Soso

Draw Soso loves bloody vivid colours, simple shapes, metaphor and humour. Recently, she deep dives into psychology and human behaviour to understand different people and cultures. Her recent arts are combined with hacking Dutch culture. Her artistic goal is to make people happier through illustration.


Soña Lee

Soña finds her inspiration from her imaginative world, where she often gets lost in. Her unique visual language aims at communication between the viewers and her inventive characters full of curiosity.

Ming Sin Ho

Ming’s illustrations usually contain bold colours with odd-looking characters and surroundings. Sometimes things make sense, but often it also doesn’t. He likes to play around with this balance between reality and surrealism.


Kid KURA creates surreal worlds, characters and situations that seem to come out of his imaginative world. Kid KURA is an image-maker who mainly focuses on murals, clothing, events and the music and dance world.

Lize Prins

Lize’s work is characterised by her love for colour and different textures and patterns. Working mostly digitally, she combines sharp lines and hand-drawn/painted textures, resulting in colourful lively illustrations with a retro feel.

Sander Ettema

Sander’s work revolves around a few reoccurring themes such as folklore, games, mortality, fear, efficiency and nostalgia. Every image is made from gut feeling and association, planning is hardly ever part of his process. The illustrations themselves serve as both research and escapism.