We Are Out of Office, founded by Felix van Dam and Winneke de Groot. Their work is characterized by its boldness and vibrant colors, drawing inspiration from the world around them.

The name “We Are Out of Office” was born during a project in New York, where the duo created screen-printed posters for various shops in exchange for food and goods. This unique experience further fueled their passion for creating visually captivating designs.

In this exhibition, the duo reflects on a year filled with exploration and discovery, including two residencies in Japan and America. Now, Felix and Winneke proudly present their first collection of works since their return. A diverse range of artistic expressions, including large paintings, objects, Riso prints and little kinetic sculptures. Despite their low-tech nature, these makeshift ‘machines’ showcase the duo’s creativity and ability to find beauty in the simplest of things. 

Opening exhibition: ABOUT LAST YEAR

Friday 5th of April 19:00

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More info www.weareoutofoffice.bigcartel.com

Kelderman en van Noort,
Galileïstraat 2, 5621 AE Eindhoven