You are kindly invited for the official opening of CLIC. A group show by Daniel Ekta Götesson (sw), 108 (it), Jeroen Erosie (nl) and Stephen Smith (uk).

In the week before the opening all artist will be in Eindhoven and working on this exhibition and on a collaborative mural.

‘Clic: a close group, a network of friends who from the beginning are never part of any other group’

Opening event

Friday June 2 2023, 19:00
Kelderman en van Noort / KEVN.

Kelderman en van Noort / KEVN.
Galileistraat 2. Eindhoven NL

More info about the artists:


Daniel Ekta Götessons (Sweden) plays against the agreed-upon convention of what is reasonable and generally accepted, expressed through a visual world with a state of mind turned upside down, offering more mood than tangible narrative. His work, comes through both in his process and use of materials as well as in his imagery, ranging from pure abstraction to combining formal elements with figurative elements, often appropriating patterns, symbols, iconography and figures in outlines or as colored silhouettes.

108 / Guido Bisagni (Italy) is considered one of the most important exponent of Post-graffitism in Italy. He started his artistic research with an approach to traditional graffiti. At the end of the ’90, after having based in Milan in 1997 and his graduation in Industrial Design, his style evolve in forms and themes: he begins one of the first to use numbers and not letters as a name. His abstract and mysterious figures appear in abandoned places in the streets of Milan, Berlin, London, New York and Paris. Other works includes sculptures, sounds, paintings and installations in a lot of personal and group shows around the world.

Jeroen Erosie (the Netherlands) practice originates from the fluidity and restless process of graffiti lettering. This discipline – where lines, letters and shapes evolve gradually and almost imperceptibly towards unpredictable results – has been such at the core of his production it leaves a unique mark on all of his practice. His canvases, drawings and collages appear like a paused instant in a restless dynamic, a continuous morphing and superimposition of shapes, lines and textures.

Stephen Smith / Neasden Control Centre (United Kingdom) is a visual artist & illustrator based in the South West, UK. Stephen makes work that draws on a process of construction and deconstruction, primarily through drawing and painting. He is searching for a brutal beauty that exists between these states. He has published several books of his graphic and illustration work most notably Neasden Control Centre published by Gestalten, 2003. He has also continues to exhibit his artwork at galleries, art fairs and museums around the world.